Who can benefit from darley etender?

The etender system has been designed by construction professionals for construction tendering, specifically to reduce the financial burden involved with sending tender documents out to numerous contractors, subcontractors and suppliers for pricing. However, any person or organisation conducting a tender exercise can benefit from the system, through reduced cost and increased efficiency.

Traditional distribution of tender documents uses significant quantities of paper and print resources with cost and time implications and wider environmental burdens. Etendering eliminates this requirement as documents are distributed in electronic format and as documents are accessed in a central location there is no need to create multiple tender packages for each contractor and supplier.

See our benefits page for further details on the benefits available to your tender process.

December 2014
We are no longer accepting new subscriptions to our darleyetender service. Due to the rise in popularity of online file sharing services since our launch in 2011, we will no longer be maintaining this service. Maintenance and support will continue for all existing annual subscriptions. We would like to thank our etender clients for their business over the last 4 years.