45% cost saving and 95% time saving compared to CD distribution

The main issues surrounding issuing tender documents on CD's are the administrative burden of burning multiple discs particularly for larger tender packages, where each disc can take up to an hour to burn. Key disadvantages to issuing tender documents on CD are:

1. The slow communication of documents, as the process is reliant on the postal service.
2. The labour intensive nature and therefore adminstrative costs associated with burning multiple tender CD's.
3. The cost involved with re-issuing information for amended or revised documents.
As with traditional 'paper' based tendering, the costs increase as the number of documents and number of discs requiring distribution increases.


The cost of tendering via CD is considerably cheaper than sending out hard copies of tender documents, however expenses increase if revisions occur throughout the tender period.

We have based the below examples on the following figures for issuing tender CD's: For each CD and case - £0.40; Admin time - £4 (based on each tender package taking 30 minutes to produce); Postage for sending CD - £0.50.

Example 1 - Annual Comparison:

Occasional tenderer sending 20 tenders per annum each tender issued to 30 contractors and suppliers. Annual CD based distribution cost = £3675
Based on our annual package for up to 20 tenders a saving of £1675 - over 45% can be achieved with annual subscription of only £2000.

Example 2 - Annual Comparison:

Regular tenderer sending 100 tenders per annum each tender issued to 20 contractors and suppliers. Annual CD based distribution cost = £9800
Based on our annual package for up to 50 tenders a saving of £3800 - over 35% can be achieved with annual subscription of only £6000.


Time is another key issue in tender distribution. Tender periods are often tight, particularly within contruction tendering, so every day counts. With CD based tender distribution you need to allow at least 3 days per tender. A day to put the tender CD's together for each supplier, a day for the postal service to deliver your CD's to each supplier, and a day to receive your quotation back.

On a three week tender period, 15 working days, losing 3 days means losing 20% of the time available. In comparison, tender documents can be uploaded and distributed with an hour using Darley etender, giving you and your suppliers vital time to focus on your tender submission claiming back 95% of the lost time (1 hour v 3 days).

Managing changes at tender stage

Any changes to documents or revisions to drawings at tender stage would result in the need to re-issue CD's to all contractors and suppliers, along with notifying them of the change, doubling your costs and adding a couple of days to your lost time. With the etender system, all suppliers have access to same set of tender documents, so the process to manage this change would be to simply upload the revised document, and your suppliers would be notified automatically. No extra costs, no lost time.

December 2014
We are no longer accepting new subscriptions to our darleyetender service. Due to the rise in popularity of online file sharing services since our launch in 2011, we will no longer be maintaining this service. Maintenance and support will continue for all existing annual subscriptions. We would like to thank our etender clients for their business over the last 4 years.