How much could you save?

You can compare our service to your existing method of tender distribution by following the links below, to see your yourself the considerable cost and time savings available. Or alternatively, if you just want the cold hard facts for your business:

Paper based tender distribution

A major disadvantage for this method of tender information exchange is the high cost of producing multiple tender documents, although other disadvantages are time and environmental impacts. The cost of tendering in the traditional hard copy 'paper' format is a... read more

CD based tender distribution

The main issues surrounding issuing tender documents on CD's are the administrative burden of burning multiple discs particularly for larger tender packages, where each disc can take up to an hour to burn. Key disadvantages to issuing tender documents... read more

Email based tender distribution

The use of email is not recommended for tendering as although it can be quick and easy for exchange of small amounts of information, it is an informal means of communication, the volume of emails means that information can be missed or ignored and mailbox limits means that often... read more