Benefits of our etendering system

As an online etender platform, our service offers a number of advantages over the traditional tender process used by many companies. The key benefits of our service are outlined below:
Cost savings

- No printing, no copying, no postage, no couriers.
- Save up to 90% of your tender distribution costs compared to traditional tendering.
- Send to multiple suppliers and subcontractors without increasing costs.

Time savings

- Spend less time at the photocopier.
- No repetitive copying of documents or burning discs.
- Automated notifications to you and your suppliers.
- Upload and send - tenders sent out in minutes.
- Quicker tender returns - instant quotes and responses.

Improve access to documents

- Freedom to manage tendering outside the office.
- Access tender documents from anywhere with an internet connection.
- Easy access to the document you need.
- Secure password protected access for you and your suppliers.
- Send open (all suppliers) or restricted (selected suppliers) tenders as required.

Your account, your branding

- Branded with your company name and logo.
- Create a professional image for your business throughout your supply chain.

Any tender, any size

- You are no longer restricted by email attachment size or disc capacity.
- Large files, up to 10MB each, can be uploaded.
- 1GB of storage allowance for each tender as standard.
- No limit to the number of documents you can upload per tender.

Simple and easy to use

- If you can browse the internet you will have no trouble using our service - no specialist IT skills required!
- Support and advice available via your account.
- Clear communication with your suppliers.
- Notifications sent for tender alerts, and revised information.

Caring for the environment

- No trees are harmed in the Darley etendering process.
- Substantially reduce the amount of paper used throughout the tender process.
- Improve your environmental performance.

December 2014
We are no longer accepting new subscriptions to our darleyetender service. Due to the rise in popularity of online file sharing services since our launch in 2011, we will no longer be maintaining this service. Maintenance and support will continue for all existing annual subscriptions. We would like to thank our etender clients for their business over the last 4 years.